Join us and stay with us: Onboarding at
Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

To be engaged and give helpful feedback – the recruitment of new employees at the EPG goes hand in hand with comprehensive onboarding which helps you feel comfortable from your very first day. On your arrival day we spend a lot of time together so you can become familiar with the company and the on-site conditions. You will get to know employees and your immediate colleagues, obtain an overview of important rules and procedures and be able to orient yourself spatially, personally and content-wise. 


Your first day at work

  • Introductory event by the HR team
  • Discussion of the training period
  • Company tour
  • Introduction of the management



  • Training by the EPG | ACADEMY
  • Training through our internal software training department
  • Conducting trainings and workshops among colleagues
  • Continuous support from colleagues and experts

Training on the Job

Your field of activity

  • Training in the specialist department
  • Getting to know the team members
  • Familiarize with structures in the team
  • Participation in projects

Your first day at work. Introduction by our HR team.

  • Joint day with all your new colleagues
  • Welcome from management
  • Provision of work materials
  • Tour of the company
  • Introduction to all HR relevant issues
  • Joint lunch

Process and Benefits.

The welcome of new employees is followed by the onboarding phase itself. As part of this phase we compile a work plan for you from the very first day which will outline what will happen in the next few weeks or months so that by the end of this phase you feel you have grown into all these new tasks. Depending on the position that you are filling, and on your previous knowledge, the onboarding may take two weeks or even three months. It often includes training courses, for example, from the Institute for Applied Warehouse Logistics (IAW) or from our internal software training department. On-the-job training by your colleagues is also possible.

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