Mission Statement

Responsibility for customers and colleagues.

Our guidelines are carefully developed fundamentals for our personal orientation in our daily work and collaboration. For all of us the most important principle is respect for other people, other genders, different cultures, ages and work. Even if not formulated in detail, respect in this sense is to be considered above every line of our guidelines. There are no “typical” EPG colleagues. The rich diversity of the company has been created through the individuality and interplay of the various strengths of all our colleagues. We are proud to be part of a company as special as E+P.

We are proud to be part of a company as special as EPG.

Code of Conduct of the EPG.

Our Code of Conduct was developed and compiled by four teams of twenty co-workers from a variety of business units. All actions and activities of our EPG staff are based on this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct reflects our evolution from a German, mid-sized, family-operated business to a global player in IT logistics. Our staff have faced and are facing new challenges every single day. Customers and co-workers from other countries and other cultures are joining us. New corporate cultures enter our existing team by means of corporate acquisitions. Ongoing growth, development, and change are with us every step of the way.


Thanks to an organization that is based on trust and is open to ideas, EPG generates a favorable climate and room for creativity. Every staff member uses his or her creative energy to increase our cost-effectiveness, to improve our processes and products, or to raise the overall level of well-being within our organization. Impulses received from the outside (customers, partners, the general public) are regarded as positive stimuli. Every idea counts.


By “our team” we mean all of our staff in all our branch offices in all countries. We define our shared identity in terms of mutual value and respect for each other, and across all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Every staff member, given his or her responsibilities and identification with the company, makes an important contribution to our success. Which is why we are holding ourselves to the highest of quality standards.

We want our customers to experience us as a team in which each member willingly accepts responsibility, and with each member of staff never losing sight of our comprehensive approach to solving tasks. Every staff member is receptive vis-à-vis his or her interlocutor and shares information at a level appropriate in technical detail and depth.

We consider knowledge and information to be a common good, and we each do our part to appropriately share information within the company. Creative freedom gives us more than just room to play to our creative strengths; to us, it also includes openness, the ability to deal with errors and mistakes, and the ability to handle criticism.


Communication bears both risks and opportunities. We communicate in order to win others over to our idea, to our product, or to our side. Respect and fair play are our guarantee for success in order to achieve communicative goals.


We draw motivation from within ourselves, from the way we enjoy our work, and from our shared success. Our readiness to help is without self-interest and something we can all rely on. Our actions are transparent.


To us, gender equality between men and women is a self-evident fact. We respect the customs and conventions of other countries, cultures, and faiths. We treat customers and co-workers with openness and respect, no matter their gender, country of origin, skin colour, or religion. We consider it an obligation to stand up against any and all violations of human dignity. We will not tolerate damage to our organisation or to our organisation’s reputation, be it from within or from without. We will not work with companies or organisations of which we are aware of illegal acts. We do not support business activities that are illegal or are on the borderline of being illegal.

The future.

We do not want to remain stuck in existing structures. Our organization and our staff question existing organizational processes with the goal of increasing their own efficacy as well as the efficiency of the organization. Actively participating in designing our company’s future and enjoying new challenges is a standard we set for ourselves.