Deitingen in the Swiss canton of Solothurn:
growing together.

“One for all and all for one” says the famous election slogan of the Swiss Confederation that we at Ehrhardt + Partner have also made our own. We have been operating in the Swiss market since the 1990s and our love for the country of mountains and lakes that is divided into 26 cantons is still with us after all this time. The German-speaking canton of Solothurn which ruggedly stretches through the Espace Mittelland region is distinctive both due to its picturesque landscape and its proximity to the large cities of Basel, Bern and Zürich. Swiss traditions are cultivated in the canton of around 270,000 inhabitants alongside the high art of innovation in IT and logistics.

Embodied and popular diversity.

Located in the Swiss canton of Solothurn, Deitingen is a growing village community with currently about 2,200 inhabitants. Between Bern and Basel, Aargau and Jura and also close to Alsace, this is where Switzerland shows its huge diversity in its own particular way. Traditional agriculture, fruit cultivation, forestry and livestock farming have their place in Solothurn as do modern industrial and logistics companies. And specifically the region around Olten, the largest town in population terms in the canton, is a very important logistics location. Rural idylls or life in a big city – life in Switzerland meets the highest standards in every area. Already a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, it also attracts all those for whom a high quality of life, education, culture and a stable and secure environment are important. The canton of Solothurn which spreads far and wide into different Swiss landscapes, can offer something of everything.

From the perspective of the landscape, culturally and socially, it is a place for summiteers!

Switzerland is a country of thousands of peaks – over 3350 of them are higher than 2,000 meters and offer skiers and climbers outstanding opportunities for active holidays as well as breathtaking views for walkers and those stopping for a bite to eat. The Alps, the Bernese Oberland and the Swiss Lakes are popular vacation destinations. But the country and its towns also have a lot to offer culturally. For example, the town of Solothurn in the canton of the same name is an attractive baroque town that attracts sightseers from the immediate vicinity as well as visitors from abroad. Cultural highlights include the Solothurn Film Festival and the outstanding collection of works by famous artists in the museum. Starting from Solothurn there are also many cycle paths and footpaths to discover. Only a short walk away, for instance lies the Verena Gorge with the famous hermitage and the hermits’ cabins still lived in to this day. In Deitingen about 8.5 away there is the old 15th century parish church which is one of the tourist attractions of the canton. And close by are the Wylihof water castles.

Life in Deitingen and in the Swiss canton of Solothurn.

The varied landscape and the international flair of a multi-lingual country are what make life in Switzerland so pleasant. Culture, excellent educational standards and the healthy and tasty Swiss cuisine all play their part in creating the high quality of life in the country. The official language in the canton of Solothurn is German and about 94% of the local population grow up as German-speakers. Although the canton extends towards the large cities of Bern and Basel, life is financially much cheaper than the Swiss average – and this also applies to property prices, both for rental and purchase. Zürich with its elegant shopping malls is only a one hour car journey from Deitingen. On the other hand, anyone who prefers climbing and mountain biking, skiing and sledging to shopping in shopping centers and dining in exclusive restaurants will find many varied opportunities in Deitingen and its surrounding environment.

Benefits of the Deitingen region.

  • Good transport connections for commuters
  • Lively association activities
  • Nurseries, primary school and music school in the immediate vicinity
  • Own station with regional trains every 30 minutes 
  • Continuous growth and therefore ongoing expansion as a residential area

Modern community in an idyllic location.

The district of Deitingen in the Swiss canton of Solothurn has already undergone an exciting development from village to medium-sized town which seems to be far from completed. Located in the mountainous Mittelland on both sides of the River Ösch, the district offers the best conditions for creating a work/life balance. Yet Deitingen has also fully embraced our modern era as manifested by the famous “Isler Cupola” on the A 1. Is it any surprise then that the E+P project team also pitched its tent here?