Your application is in good hands with us.

We know that most people put a lot of effort into their application and after submitting their documentation would like to receive an answer immediately. However, we must ask you to have a little patience. So that you know in advance how our application process works in detail, what we want and what you can expect from us, we have designed the entire application process to be as transparent as possible. And we promise: Every application is carefully checked by us.

Five stations signpost the route.

The entire application process at Ehrhardt + Partner is divided into five steps or stations. You will receive direct feedback from us at each station. The location of your interview will depend on where precisely and which position you have applied for. 

Step 1: Send us your application.

You send us your complete application documentation via our online application portal or as a file attachment to The more completely and specifically you can describe your suitability for a vacancy, the better.

Step 2: We review your documents.

An HR officer will study your application documents in detail. He/she will examine whether there is a good fit between you and the job profile. If we have a positive impression the interview invitation will follow.

Step 3: We have a conversation on an equal footing.

We get to know each other in a conversation. The objective is to ensure that mutually we can start a good professional future together.

Step 4: A second interview.

In this case we invite you to a second more in-depth discussion. Then you and we have to decide. 

Step 5: Your contractual documents are ready.

If the decision is positive by both sides your contractual documentation will be with you quickly and we look forward to welcoming you as a new employee for onboarding!

We review your documents

We review your documents

We get to know you in a first interview

We get to know you in a first interview

We invite you to a second interview

We invite you to a second interview


This is how we get to know each other.

Whether you have already found the appropriate position in our career portal or want to send us a speculative application, we will be pleased to hear from you about your talents! Please make sure that when you send us your application documentation it is detailed and complete. In the introductory interview you will then have sufficient opportunities to meet the management and colleagues of the respective department and explore the premises.

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