Historic world heritage on the Rhine.

The town of Boppard has almost 16,000 inhabitants and is divided into ten districts. The district of Boppard-Buchholz is one of these and is where the head office of Ehrhardt + Partner Group is located. All Boppard residents like its people, the region and the good grapes from the surrounding vineyards. The region is also well-known for its festivals and celebrations, for cultural monuments and the Hunsrück railway, for Rhine river cruises and many other opportunities for enjoying the open countryside for sport or relaxation. And anyone wanting to experience a taste of big-city flair can be quickly in Koblenz or Mainz by car or by regional train.

The town of many routes – infrastructure and geographical location.

The town of Boppard located in the Rhein-Hunsrück region is known both for its outstanding architecture and for its vineyards on the Rivers Rhine and Mosel that typify the German Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. The district of Buchholz has been part of the growing number of municipal districts since 1976. From here you can easily access fantastic walking routes through the Mosel and Rhine valleys. The well-developed infrastructure also includes of course airports, motorways and train connections. The trading and industrial area located south of Buchholz was therefore developed together with the construction of the A 61 which connects the Rhein-Ruhr and the Rhein-Main areas. The Hunsrückhöhenstraße (Hunsrück High Road), the B 327, also runs through Buchholz. Train travelers can easily reach the main station of Boppard by Intercity trains which also call at the nearby Frankfurt am Main metropolis and thereby also the interchange station for Frankfurt Airport. Frankfurt Hahn Airport is also within each reach of Boppard by regional train. Regional trains also stop at other stations in Boppard, including Boppard-Buchholz.

Wine and world heritage with good cheer – tourism and leisure in Boppard.

Boppard is part of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site and as a very well-developed tourist region has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions and quality of life. The Romans happily settled here as shown by some of the old city walls that have been retained (Roman Castles). The town and region are also rich in castles and fortresses, such as the Schloss Schöneck built around 1200 and the Kurfürstliche Burg which today houses the town museum. Tourists really enjoy the Boppard hospitality and of course the festivals when the people here really know how to celebrate. As befits the winegrowing region, the noble grapes are celebrated twice a year.

Living, residing and growing (up) in Boppard.

Boppard and specifically also Boppard-Buchholz are extremely attractive for families with children. Life in Boppard has the benefits of a well-developed small town where daily shopping is easy and municipal facilities such as children's nurseries and primary schools are easily accessible. There are two children's nurseries located in the Buchholz district and they are free-of-charge. When shopping, the people of Boppard like to purchase products which have a strong association with the region and which display the branding SooNahe. Only food products from the Nahe/Hunsrück region can display this label and they must meet strict requirements as regards quality and hygiene. Town or country, house or apartment – property prices in and around Boppard are advantageous so that some families can fulfill their dreams and move from a rental apartment into their own house. Overall Boppard and Boppard-Buchholz are manifestly a family-friendly region which is a good and popular place to live.

Benefits of the Boppard region.

  • Tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of the region
  • A strategically advantageous location 
  • A pleasant environment and local recreation possibilities 
  • Medium-sized town center with good shopping options 
  • Schools and (free-of-charge) nurseries locally 
  • Delicious wines and fun-loving people 

Boppard Lifestyle.

You can reach the town of Koblenz by car or by train from Boppard in only 15 minutes. There is also lots to see and discover in Koblenz – the Deutsches Eck for example, where the Rivers Rhine and Mosel meet, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress from where you can enjoy a terrific view over the town and the region and which you can reach easily with a cable car trip over the Rhine. Theaters and museums, extensive shopping trips or a connoisseur tour through the old town, the Koblenz people are also well-known for their hospitality and food that is served in numerous pubs, bars and restaurants. And if you have made yourself at home in romantic lanes and quiet connoisseur locations, you can still vary things a bit by attending the big events in the region such as the NaturOne-Festival in Hasselbach or the “Rock am Ring” in Nürburg. The region is also famous for its walking routes and the diverse opportunities for participating in outdoor sports activities. Walking tours to be particularly recommended are the Bopparder Hamm, the Rheinsteig and the so-called “dream loops” such as the Ehrbachklamm. Famous viewpoints are the Four Lakes View and the 360 meter long Geierlay Suspension Bridge. Mountain bikers also get their money’s worth in the Soonwald or in the Trail Parks in Boppard and Stromberg. Cycling, climbing, golf and horse riding as well as rafting on the Middle Rhine are also popular leisure activities.