Three countries in focus:
Our new location in Aachen.

The town of Aachen located in the border triangle (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium) is esteemed for its outstanding location and infrastructure by its inhabitants, tourists and companies alike. Aachen is located in the very heart of Europe and is therefore very well set up for cross-border exchanges such as those designed by the EUREGIO Commission. The Rhine, Meuse and Northern Eifel characterise the geographical location of the city of Aachen in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia, as does its proximity to the traditional cities of Cologne, Maastricht and Liège. The new location in the Tivoli Innovation Center (TIC), in the immediate vicinity of Aachen's Tivoli football stadium, is conveniently situated at the Aachen-Zentrum exit and can be reached directly and from the A 4 motorway (Cologne-Maastricht). The nearest airports are in Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Maastricht, Liège and Brussels. It is therefore hardly a surprise that the region is also a popular science and research location where four colleges, including the elite university, RWTH Aachen University, maintain research facilities. 

Tourists just love the region for walking, admiring, strolling or just lingering in.

Aachen and its environment bring together the specific advantages of three countries into a pleasant European flair. Here you can experience Belgian delights, appreciate French cuisine and its patisseries, relish Dutch calm and with a hint of German romanticism revel in a conversation and a feast. The UNESCO world heritage site of Aachen Cathedral and the old town centers of Aachen, Maastricht and Liège are some of the nearby attractions to visit. The well-connected tourist region is also perfect for a relaxing wellness holiday or for sports activities in its unique recreation and experience space including the Eifel National Park with the “High Fenn” high moor bordering onto Belgium, the Wurmtal “Green Lung” that invites you to take a walk, the Aachen Forest and of course through the Monschauer Heckenland shaped by its historic hedgerows.

Exciting mix of culture and lifestyle.

A reservoir or cultural event, zoo or industrial heritage in the Aachen area – in and around Aachen there is lots to see and experience for all visitors with a wide range of different interests. Internationally prestigious museums, theaters, concert and comedy promoters invite you to discover the history of the land of kings and kaisers and be entertained by the best artists of today. At regular recurring events such as AachenSeptemberSpecial with international, national and local artists, the open air events on Burg Wilhelmstein and as a spectator at the excellent CHIO riding tournament, the cheerful conviviality of the local people can be experienced first-hand. And if you want to enjoy a drink with friends after work or at the weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this in iconic bars and stylish clubs. So you certainly need a bit of time to discover Aachen and its surroundings. Or you can just settle down and immerse yourself totally in the lifestyle of the town and region. Bathing in the thermal baths, walking in the border triangle, gliding at the sports airport, climbing, cycling or boating – it is certainly not boring here.

Benefits of the Aachen region.

  • Culture meets lifestyle through the wide range of leisure activities on offer
  • Excellent location and infrastructure
  • Popular industry and research location
  • Location for the elite university RWTH Aachen
  • Family-friendly focus

Family-friendly guaranteed.

The town of Aachen is sub-divided into seven districts so you will certainly be able to choose the lifestyle you want. What unites the districts is the proximity to both the urban environment and rural idylls. Working and living, residing and shopping, designing your leisure time for children and parents – all this and more can be brought into harmony in this family-friendly region. As an international place to live, Aachen is also a popular location for everyone who loves different languages and exchanges with people from different cultures, and of course also for those who enjoy Dutch Pindakaas, Belgian flame cakes and French croissants just as much as the fresh regional specialties from the Aachen weekly markets. The excellent infrastructure and the opportunities for traveling around with your own vehicle or using public transport within the entire Aachen region contribute to making the entire spectrum of facilities on offer in the border triangle accessible and enjoyable for the entire population.