Careers that leave space for your own personal development.

Employees of Ehrhardt + Partner Group are people who want to develop. Nobody stands still with us as we are constantly reinventing ourselves. This is possible thanks to our unique staff development concept that we have developed ourselves. You can take advantage of this leading edge by planning a career at Ehrhardt + Partner that is customized to you from your very first day. In IT, marketing or in a commercial or consultancy activity – we have something that could interest you – provided that you also feel there is no sense in standing still professionally.


Advancing together through individual development.

At Ehrhardt + Partner we do not think in terms of workforce, but prefer to make things more personal. This is why we have implemented a staff development concept with the objective of being able to encourage and support each employee individually. You are important to us both professionally and personally and we focus on your talents.  Find out today about career opportunities at Ehrhardt + Partner Group and start a reliable professional future with us soon. 

Trust in yourself and in your potential.

Staff development is much more than spreadsheets and statistics. Nor do we calculate in requirements but fulfill specific needs for further development and personal advancement. Through carefully compiled requirements profiles, specific job descriptions and a cleverly designed staff development catalog, we ensure that profiles and applicants are perfectly attuned. Regular employee appraisals guarantee that the contact between management and colleagues is always maintained. This fosters trust, reliability and a culture of discussion in which individual performance, potential and development opportunities can repeatedly be sounded out.

Feedback and support as a common objective.

Ehrhardt + Partner Group offers apprentices, students and lateral entrants from all sectors and areas the opportunity to join the company as a professional. Our commitment to your qualifications is correspondingly high. On-the-job training can be provided in exciting projects or through external measures – whatever is the best fit and most appropriate for your job profile and your existing expertise. 
We proactively and continuously further train our employees and offer you many different opportunities to pursue a technical and management career. Feedback is not a one-way street for us, but a proven means of learning how we can all improve.