Proactively design your professional future.

Combine theory and practice to achieve a future-oriented degree as part of a Dual Study or find out about a potential future employer within the framework of an internship – at Erhardt + Partner we offer students many different opportunities to prepare for a successful career start. We are not only keen to give you some insights into the professional future, we are also interested in people and their ideas, in the employees of tomorrow who are already inspiring us today and participating.

Dual Study at Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

Dual Study offers the opportunity to acquire professional qualifications so it is easy to join the company after the successful completion of a degree course. At Ehrhardt + Partner we have two locations where we can offer students a varied job role within the framework of a Dual Study.

Dual Study at the Boppard-Buchholz site.

In cooperation with the University of Koblenz, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the vocational schools of Neuwied, we support students studying IT acquire the Dual Degree in Bachelor of Engineering IT/ Application Development (IHK). Your studies and the project-based activities, under guidance from experienced trainers, will form a comprehensive training program that will thoroughly prepare you for the professional requirements of the future.

From summer 2023, we will also offer the practice-integrated dual study programme Software Engineering in cooperation with Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. Here you will learn the conception, development and programming of complex software architectures and applications, as well as project management in the IT sector. The dual study programme leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree in eight semesters and enables you to apply the specialist knowledge you have acquired in exciting projects related to our software suite as part of our project teams.

Dual Study at the Aachen site.

In Aachen, too, we currently offer two exciting dual courses of study that optimally combine theory and practice:

  • Business Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)
  • Mathematical-technical software developer

Internship or final thesis – at Ehrhardt + Partner you will learn about a successful company from the inside and you will become part of a team imbued with collegiality and collaboration. In a project selected specifically for your purposes, you will implement your thesis and/or acquire practical knowledge. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself in an exciting and innovative environment that can of course be used as a door opener for joining Ehrhardt + Partner Group as a professional. 

University collaborations at our company locations.

Anyone not taking care of the next generation of professionals today shouldn't wonder why they fail to materialize tomorrow. At Ehrhardt + Partner our commitment to working with colleges and universities located near our locations is based on this clear and unambiguous maxim.

Our cooperation partners at a glance.

  • Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Koblenz
  • Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Applied Sciences Bingen
  • European University of Applied Sciences Aachen/Brühl
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

If you are planning to start a Dual Study in one of these colleges in a subject area relevant for the activity of Ehrhardt + Partner, then we look forward to receiving your application! Male and female applicants are equally welcome to apply!

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