The future is what and where you start today!

As one of 20 to 30 apprentices who start every year at our locations in Germany, you are our future. And we want to shape the future with you – through your training in a commercial profession, in our IT department or in warehouse logistics. Have you already decided to embark on a Dual Study program and are still looking for an appropriate training company? Then apply to the Ehrhardt + Partner Group! 


Your training is a mission that we at Ehrhardt + Partner take seriously. Both you and our trainers should enjoy it. We like to train and also in-depth so that after you have been successful in joining us there are many different career opportunities in our company open to you. Because it is not the academic degree that counts for you to hit the ground running at Ehrhardt + Partner, only your ability and your performance. 

Based on our experience of over 20 years of training we know how to combine theory and practice to enable you to learn everything you need for your professional career in an exciting digital environment. You only need to apply – are you ready?

The future starts now. Your training at Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

Have you decided on a training profession and been able to convince us in your application? Then let’s work together in equipping you for your profession and your career – for example as an IT specialist with a focus on application development.

1st training year.

In the first training year you will start with other apprentices in our software training department where you will receive insight and perspectives, learn the basics of software development and work with software methodologies and databases. And in this environment your talent will be as welcome as your questions and curiosity. 

2nd training year.

By now you’ve already learned a great deal and of course you want to apply your knowledge and ability to real project. Therefore in your second year you will collaborate in a project team and you will assume responsibility for your first work tasks under guidance. But you’ve no need to worry because we won’t leave you on your own – we are only giving you the appropriate opportunities to acquire your own experiences.

3rd training year.

The third year continues with this close relationship between theory and practice. Once again you will be working on real customer projects and you will consolidate the knowledge and skills you have acquired. Are you now ready to take on partial project independently? Then we and you have done everything right and you can relax and look forward to your final examinations!

School pupil internships.

In general it is particularly difficult for school pupils to find an internship position where they can learn exciting new things without prior detailed knowledge and get a really good idea of the profession in which they are seeking an apprenticeship. At Ehrhardt + Partner we are aware of this and therefore offer special software development internships for school pupils. Instead of making coffee or twiddling your thumbs, you will acquire an insight into the profession of a software developer. Based on your level of prior knowledge and on what you have the confidence to undertake, we will support you in achieving your own appropriate project within the time period. Your internship will take place in the software training department and you will be a member of our development team. Its duration will be according to the specifications of your school.


We invite you to visit our company in advance so you can get to know us. You will have the opportunity to meet trainers, HR professionals and other training officers, ask questions and to get to know our premises etc.