The country of unlimited possibilities:
our sites in the USA.

Eating a genuine burger, meeting cowboys or “playing through” a night in Las Vegas to then speed away on Route 66 – in most people the USA triggers those memories of childhood and adolescent dreams. Some of these are far in the past but some continue to come true. And whether it’s Texas or North Carolina, New York or Hollywood, you have to visit the USA to really understand the confederation and its people. For instance, at our locations in Charlotte (North Carolina) and Dallas (Texas) life could not be more different. And yet even here there are some things which unite both states and cities – the excellent barbecues that are served at both places and the huge airports with their non-stop services to destinations across the entire world and also neighboring US-states. Even if the legendary Route 66 is now only accessible in parts, anyone wanting to find their way through the USA has plenty of options – by plane, by motorbike or in one of the numerous overland Greyhound Lines buses which are based Dallas and which head out to about 3,800 destinations across the whole of North America. 

The town of banks and streams: Charlotte in North Carolina.

Ultimately, there’s nothing in the USA that you can't find – there is even Mecklenburg here, and the constantly growing city of Charlotte with its approximately 850,000 inhabitants is part of the region of Mecklenburg County in the Federal State of North Carolina. Located half-way between Atlanta and Washington D.C., Charlotte is one of the biggest cities on the East coast and it is both a banking center and an important logistics location. But in Charlotte life is by no means only hectic, but rather enjoyable. Numerous streams, Lake Norman and the Catawba River ensure that water sports enthusiasts can let off steam to their heart's content. The region is also well known for its footpaths and cycle paths, and west of Charlotte you will be captivated by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Culturally Charlotte has several important theaters and museums and some historical buildings. And the film industry keeps returning to the “Queen City”, in which well-known TV series such as “Homeland” were filmed.

Benefits of the Dallas & Charlotte regions.

  • Open and friendly social interaction and positive attitude to life
  • Football, basketball and baseball: experience sports events at first hand
  • Breathtaking nature with dreamlike landscapes
  • “Melting pot”: cultural/international diversity in everyday life and in the cultural scene
  • Close infrastructure connections to the vacation destinations of Mexico, Florida, Washington and New York

Dallas in Texas is not only liked and owned by oil billionaires.

The city of Dallas in the State of Texas is also very well known for films – even if its profile is portrayed as very one-sided. For although Dallas became rich as a center for the oil and cotton industries, it is by no means only inhabited by billionaires who fight each other tooth and nail. In the city and the region of the same name with its sub-tropical climate and easy southern state flair, today there are many active artists here and an important sub-culture has also developed. The center of Dallas has its own Art District with museums, art galleries, theaters and performance spaces. In addition to North American and international art, works of Spanish-inspired artists in this region are of particular importance. At the end of the day Texas borders directly onto Mexico, to whom it once belonged. Even today a large proportion of the Texan population has Hispanic-American ancestors – in Dallas it's around 40%.

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