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Frechen - The family-friendly city at the gates of the Cologne metropolis

The city of Frechen has just under 52,439 inhabitants. Its superb location and infrastructure are valued by residents and businesses alike. There are prominent companies and international businesses with branches and headquarters in Frechen. Driven by the local sources of quartz sand, lignite and clay, Frechen developed early on into a city of trade, communications, transportation and services and is now one of the most successful business locations in the Cologne region. Its perfect geographical location at the gates of Cologne means that Frechen has convenient transport links in all directions and close proximity to Cologne Bonn Airport. It is therefore not a surprise to learn that the region is also a science and technology hub for leading companies.

A varied cultural and leisure scene

Alongside major cultural attractions and exciting leisure activities, the Cologne area is particularly well known for its nightlife. There are countless restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs of all styles, and not just for the local party scene. The Bootshaus in Mülheim harbor is one of the flagship destinations on the Cologne club scene and is ranked 11th in the top 100 clubs worldwide. Seiberts Classic Bar is home to a very special cocktail culture with great attention to detail. The Kaffeesaurus café on the edge of the Belgian quarter has drawn huge interest since 2019, where the hip, Danish design is the perfect backdrop for a feast. From avocado sandwiches and house-roast coffee to burgers, you'll find everything a true inhabitant of Cologne could desire. Places like these make Cologne a really lively, open city.

Family-friendly city with lots of options

If you want to swap nightlife for an extended hike or bike ride, the Cologne and Frechen area is also the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself. Discovering the former Frechen open-pit mine on foot is highly recommended. The Marienfeld and the largely untouched Königsdorfer forest with their excellent hiking trails are ideal for longer hikes. The city of Frechen is the perfect spot for a life connected to the city, with close proximity to nearby urban centers. The region is particularly well-known for its festivals and celebrations, as well as its sports, cultural and carnival groups. For young and old, the village communities alongside the big city life are a real advantage, and a tradition dating back many, many years. As true Rhinelanders, you will see the great and good of Frechen every year swaying to music sitting down with arms linked and celebrating the traditional "Alaaf" carnival with all due pomp and ceremony.

Advantages of the Cologne region

  • Excellent transportation links
  • Excellent location and infrastructure
  • Family-friendly focus
  • Culture meets lifestyle with the wide range of leisure activities on offer
  • Cologne is an important international hub
Hey Cologne.

City on the Rhine

The city of Frechen is particularly attractive thanks to its close proximity to the center of Cologne. You can reach the city center within minutes. The cathedral is the city's icon, not only as the unmistakable landmark in Cologne, but also as the most popular sight to visit in Germany. Shrove Monday processions in Cologne are probably no less famous than the cathedral itself, marking the highlight of the Carnival on the Rhine. In addition to such highlights throughout the year, Cologne also offers a range of options for day visits from Frechen and the surrounding area, as well as for weekend trips and vacations. The city is home to the Cologne Zoo, the Cologne Flora and Botanical Garden, the Lanxess Arena and the Cologne Cable Car, as well as many museums, the city library and the Cologne Philharmonic Hall.